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Blohm Design Handcrafted Dollhouse Miniatures

Handmade Crochet Items for your Dollhouses and room boxes, baby blankets, pillows, commissions for very special items by IGMA Artisan Michelle Blohm, very detailed and original pieces, free printables and a gallery of Past Projects too, come browse aroun

11/6/2007 12:19:40 PM
Stop by for tiny potholders in miniature! Perfect for Christmas Card Giving! Mention the MyMiniatures website, and we will Send your potholder in a Christmas Card to your mini friend anywhere in the US at no extra charge with your message inside!

11/22/2006 4:19:55 PM
A Holiday Sale is going on at BlohmDesign! The Popular Afghan in Progress Basket is on sale now! Save over $13.00!

11/6/2006 10:25:59 AM
Visit Blohm Design for your Christmas miniatures....potholders and afghan in progress baskets!

11/6/2004 9:43:38 PM
Christmas potholder sets, Baby Crocheted afghans, doilies, crochet thread in miniature, plenty of very detailed miniatures available, come by for a visit...

1/28/2002 1:08:53 PM
Sale Items!!! Find HANDMADE CROCHET miniatures on Blohm Design by IGMA Artisan, Michelle Blohm.......Free Gift With Purchase too!

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