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Summer 2006
Doll House & Miniature Question:

What is the most you have ever spent on any ONE MINIATURE ITEM for your collection other than a dollhouse or roombox?

55%   Under $99
20%   $100-$199
12%   $200-$299
10%   $500-$999
3%   $1,000.00 and up

Total votes: 167

Summer 2005
Doll House & Miniature Question:

What is your MOST favorite style of Miniatures? (Please select only one)

34%   Dollhouses, Dolls and similar Collections
11%   Roomboxes, Structures
2%   Military Displays and Collections
1%   Model / Motorized Trains
1%   Model / Motorized Cars
1%   Model / Motorized Planes
2%   Fantasy Figures & Painting
2%   Teddy Bear Collecting / Crafting
33%   Polymer Clay
12%   Barbie & Playscale

Total votes: 1034

Spring 2005
Doll House & Miniature Question:

How many FINISHED PIECES have you made taking a workshop in the last year? (partially completed pieces do not count for this survey)

5%   I took too many classes to count!
2%   I took more than 11 classes this past year.
4%   I took 5-10 classes this past year.
19%   I took 2-4 classes this past year.
8%   I took only 1 class this past year.
4%   I sometimes take classes, but I rarely complete the project.
59%   I haven't taken any classes in the last year.

Total votes: 80

Fall 2005
Doll House & Miniature Question:

With whom do you most enjoy to "mini" with?

51%   By myself
8%   With friends
7%   With children
8%   With my spouse
5%   With my club
22%   Anyone who enjoys it as much as I do!

Total votes: 431

Winter 2005
Doll House & Miniature Question:

What is your favorite scale to work in lately?

69%   1/12 or 1 inch scale
6%   1/2 inch scale
10%   1/4 inch scale
3%   1/144th inch scale
11%   Playscale or Fashion Doll
2%   Other

Total votes: 373

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