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Dollhouse Miniatures Listings
Dollhouse Miniatures Listings.

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Classified Item: 385

Dollhouse Miniatures Lady's Folded Blouses


Asking Price: inquire
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Condition:New/Unused/Mint Condition
Date Listed:2/28/2018


Dollhouse Miniatures Lady’s Folded Blouses in a Box 1:12 Scale These 1:12 scale miniature blouses are handmade, each one unique using different fabrics and embellishments. These darling little blouses are perfect for any miniature setting. Place them in a drawer, trunk, or suitcase, on a bed or chair. Imagine several of them displayed in a miniature cabinet, clothing or gift shop, or in a shadow box. Blouses come with color coordinated boxes measuring 1” W x 1 1/2” L x 3/8” H. Many styles, from fancy to denim, are available for purchase on eBay or Etsy. Type “Dollhouse Miniatures Folded Blouses” in the search box to find a mini blouse that will complement your project.

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